New 2019 Instagram Drink Trend Is Cheesier Than Anyone Could Have Imagined


Everyone and their mother heard of cheese tea when it first hit the markets. It was confusing and foamy and maybe the concept was a little gross to Westerners, but cheese tea reportedly was born from the street stalls in Taiwan. Regardless, cheese tea became an overnight sensation.

The tea is served cold and topped with a thick layer of creamy, salty-sweet layer of cheese on top. However, a Los Angeles-based artisan tea shop called Percolate has another idea. The café specializes in brewing made-to-order loose leaf, new-age Instagramable boba as well as other Internet-worthy beverages.

Their concept? Cheese coffee. The BST (Bittersweet Tiramisu, AKA cheese coffee) starts with a cold brew base made from Unincorporated Coffee Roasters’ Guatemalan beans. Then a layer of cheese—heavy whipping cream and lightly-sweetened cream cheese—is served on top. The drink is dusted with cocoa powder.

The BST is best enjoyed without the lid. It’s meant to be sipped at a 40-degree angle to realize the full range of flavors and textures.


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