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1.       Why we need to prefer for searching?

Ans. provides free search engine optimization (SEO).


2.       Is it similar to any other search engine if so then what difference and advance feature does it provide?

Ans. is similar to any other search engine but the main difference is anybody can register the website to be indexed with specific keyword. Thus saves on SEO cost.

3.       Is an advertising search engine?

Ans. It does not provide any advertising program.


4.       If we need a help or if I am a new visitor to this site how do I get to know first what to do and where to go? Or Where to ask if we as a visitor have any kind of query?

Ans. In case you are stuck or you have any trouble you can write us on or fill up Contact Form.


5.       What is the purpose of this site?

Ans. is made to provide any information present on any website throughout the world.


6.       How does this help us?

Ans. Its very simple type whatever you want and click search button. The desire output will be shown.


7.       How to register?

Ans. To register, click on register option that displayed on our website from top menu, fill all the details and submit.


8.       Can visitor search anything on

Ans. Yes, of course.


9.       How does my business will keep on growing? Or how does it help our company to achieve business lead?

Ans. While registering your website with you need to be careful to write more relevant keywords. Any visitor looking for specific information in fact matches with your keywords there are great possibilities that your website will be shown on the search page. As a result more and more visitor will come on your website and it will help you to boost your business.


10.   Any company/business can join your website for marketing?

Ans. Yes except website promoting pornography and explicit material.


11.   Does offered in any other language?

Ans. Not at the moment.


12.   Does it response quickly and display accurate result?

Ans. Yes.


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